What Homeowners Need to Know About Garage Door Installation, Information Provided by a Garage Door Supplier


All garage doors will come complete with installation instructions; however, most adhere to the same process. The first step should be to become familiar with the manual. It is easier to do a job when you have first-hand knowledge on how everything fits together. The standard tools needed will be an electric screwdriver, tape measure, level, hammer and pliers. 

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Maybe the most crucial part of a garage door installation is to make sure the first section of a door is completely level. All the other sections will stack on top of this. If it is the slightest bit off, the problem will be added to with the next layers,  and a garage door will end up crooked. The brackets on this first section have to be carefully placed and tightened. They will hold the weight of a door, while raising it can pull loose if it is not tightened sufficiently.


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