Why Homeowners Should Never Perform Their Own Repairs on Broken Garage Door Springs

The springs which operate garage doors are wire coils, which raise and lower the doors. When properly installed, homeowners only have to manually open the doors before the spring system takes over. Automatic openers, however, can get the door started, but the springs will be the ones doing all the raising and lowering.

There are 2 kinds of springs, torsion and extension. These are used with 2 kinds of garage doors, these are swing ups and sectional roll away. The latter has torsion 2 springs, which are on either side of door. Swing-up ones have 2 extension springs, which are mounted upon an extending swing-arm, which is on both sides of the door.

Every garage door spring is placed under great tension, more so when it is extended; if you have broken garage door springs, it could result in the door falling upon a person or your vehicle. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not know that springs, rollers, arms and tracks will need the occasional safety check. Corrosion, worn or loose hardware will result in accidents, while badly adjusted springs will mean your door is extremely hard to raise or could cause it to fly up from your hands.

These springs do come in different lengths – this is in order to accommodate the numerous door sizes, from single to double garage doors. The tension from the springs is directly linked to how heavy your door is. Some doors weigh up to 400 pounds, so choosing the correct springs is vital if you want a fully functional and safe door.

Some homeowners think changing these springs is an easy DIY job. However, most professionals advise this should be left to the experts. Those attempting to change their springs can lose control, or a cable could snap under tension.

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