Will Your Local Garage Door Service Be Able to Offer a Choice of Tracks?

There are two kinds of garage door tracks; however, each one does come in several different variations. The first type is a vertical track used on overhead doors which lift up. Sliding door tracks are another kind used for doors which go sideways. Vertical track styles will differ depending upon the door getting used.

Vertical door track lifts are available in three styles. The most common is referred to as a standard lift track. This runs vertically and then curves into a horizontal direction into a garage. Standard lifts can be used on canopy and retractable doors. A canopy is the kind which opens outward when it is opened.

These up and down ones are also used in commercial or industrial settings . In these cases, one is much the same as a standard lift track. A second track is placed above the first, but slightly recessed. This allows room for a spring apparatus, which gives lift strength and makes heavy commercial doors that are much easier to open and work with.

The third kind is the high lift method, which can be seen in residential applications that have high ceilings in garages. This kind uses both a standard and a vertical lift system. With a high lift, a track connects to a shorter horizontal one, and to a second vertical one.

Sliding garage doors come with two tracks, one place on top and one on the bottom of a door. These are used on panel doors that have hinges, which allows them to bend or fold onto the garage walls. Doors which work using sliding tracks don’t put any extra weight on the ceiling.

Roller doors work with a vertical track. These are created using horizontal pieces which roll up within a drum assembly. The door is stored above the opening and does not need space within the main garage. If you are unsure about what type of door you need, simply contact a garage door service for more help and advice.

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