Why Do You Need to Hire a Skilled Garage Door Repair Technician?

Both residential and commercial garage doors have to be serviced by professionals who have plenty of experience in dealing with a variety of problems. Knowing more about the most typical issues you will encounter with their components will indicate when to call a qualified garage door repair technician, let us explain!

  • Your photo-eye is blocked: There might be a situation when your door’s photo-eye will become misaligned. If your child played near it with some toys, or your pet has knocked it, it could have moved and become misaligned by mistake. The role of photo eyes is to create an invisible line between each other stopping your door from closing whenever anything passes the line. If that feature doesn’t work, you need to call a specialist as soon as possible, as your door will be dangerous for your household.
  • The transmitter batteries are dead: Your garage door transmitter needs power to work. It gets it from a battery, and when the battery is dead, your door will stop working. So, checking that before you call a repair technician is recommended.Affordable Garage Door Repair in Nashville, TN
  • The track is misaligned: If this is the case with your door, this could be a serious problem. It runs on a track, and if it is misaligned, the whole door won’t function properly. If you see gaps between the rollers and the rail, then you need to call a local contractor right away.
  • Your garage door torsion springs are broken: Have you just heard a loud gunshot-like sound? If so, that is the sound of the torsion spring breaking. Having a broken spring is not uncommon for garage doors, and not something an expert wouldn’t be able to fix.
  • The operator’s power source is disrupted: What could cause such an unpleasant situation? Your operator’s power source could be unplugged. It might sound strange, but it’s true. So, make sure it is always plugged in a working and grounded outlet.

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